Hardware & Software for the Blockchain

Solutions Designed for Authenticity and Verification

Software & Hardware Designed to Enable Authenticity that can be verified

Physically Verifiable. Digitally Secure

Authentic8 is a digital solution that works towards defeating real-world problems. We exist in both the physical and digital worlds and develop hardware that can physically verify that the software is digitally secure.

Building Authentic Ecosystems - Hardware

To create unique, encrypted identities, Authentic8 uses QR Codes and NFC chips.

Branded NFC chips enhance customer experience and can be neatly integrated into physical products.

Blockchain chips have IDs encrypted with product information that can't be altered, edited, or reprogrammed. A custom-developed software solution is used to decrypt this information.

QR codes are an accessible and simple way to verify your products. QR codes are given blockchain IDs against which data can be encrypted and easily accessed.

For a richer ownership experience, we recommend using NFC chips and QR codes together.

Creating Verification Experiences - Software

When it comes to software, QR codes are the easier to access of the two. This is because any smartphone camera can easily scan most QR codes to verify the information.

In the case of  NFC chips, certified apps that can read the data on these chips are a necessity. Creating such an app gives brands complete control over the storytelling, engagement and ownership experience with their customers.