Authenticity and verification solutions for wine, spirits, beer, and the alcobev industry

Supply Chain Traceability for Producers and Consumers

Few things garner as much hype, eyeballs, and acclaim as the alcoholic beverage industry. Consumers take pride in where their drink is from and distillers are well aware. However, until now, there was no way to be sure that your champagne was really from Champagne.

Numerically speaking, duplicate spirits cost European consumers over 3 billion dollars annually. This, along with responsible consumerism, is why customers need visibility and traceability for their purchases.

Authentic8 helps producers ensure quality and consumers their purchases.

Authentic Pours, Authentic Experiences

Brands from no other industry place as much importance on the experience of the product as those of the alcohol industry. Authentic8 can help brands create a one-of-a-kind customer experience by integrating the real-world drink with customised digital immersions.

By introducing transparency across the supply chain, customers can ensure that their purchase is authentic which inspires stories about the brand they consume, creating the ideal drinking experience.

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