Industry Agnostic Authenticity & Verification Solutions

Authenticity and verification solutions meant for all industries

Authenticity & Verification Solutions not limited to a specific Industry

Product Exclusivity, Authenticity, and Verification Solutions for all Industries

Today, building a Brand requires manufacturing quality goods backed by stories that travel across borders via global supply chains

This exhaustive manpower model can be tackled by Blockchain’s unhackable data-driven nature.

Be it rare honey, precious stones , exclusive cars and wines or a bag of chips, we help create an ambiance of verifiable authenticity for your customers

Blockchain-Based Authenticity Solutions for All Industries

Authentic8 has solutions focused on supply chain management and product ownership that have a place in any industry that has a product in the real world. Some of our largest industry verticals are Lifestyle, Gemstones, Smart CPG Packaging, Coffee, Food Tracing, Equipment Manufacturers, Wines, Spirits and Beer

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