Authentic8 to preserve brand reputation and customer trust

Make Your Products Authenticity Verifiable

Where Authentic8 Comes In

Industries across the globe have leaders that are interested in building and protecting their brand's integrity and reputation. Whether it's luxury fashion or homemade honey, companies feel the need to protect themselves from falling prey to counterfeit. 

Authentic8 is an industry agnostic, blockchain-as-a-service solution that is a natural fit with any customer-conscious brand.

Customers love knowing the story behind their favourite products, the exclusivity of making an informed purchase and smarter product commerce. Authentic8 directly creates a positive impact on all of these fronts, while being an extremely easy-to-adopt blockchain technology solution

Three Steps to Avoid Counterfeiting

Encrypted QR Codes and/or NFC Chips with custom branding and a unique encrypted identity that is scannable and merged with the label.

Binding Product Information to the Blockchain with each encrypted chip holding  ownership details at the point of sale and is stored on the blockchain.

Verify Authenticity Anytime, Anywhere using a phone camera or a custom-designed application, by scanning the code/chip on the label where brands control what information they want to showcase.

Authentic8 Use Cases

Authenticity and traceability have many use cases, each of which provides a unique opportunity for enhanced customer engagement and brand security. A few ways in which Authetic8 can help boost your brand reputation and create a better sense of community:
Limited Edition Releases
Supply Chain Traceability
Authenticity Verification
Brand Protection

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