Enable Brand Safety, Boost Brand Loyalty

Tell your customers your story.

Consumers are intrigued by the vision and story behind the making of a brand more than the actual product. In today's world of mockery that is counterfeiting, protecting the story of your brand is as important as the brand itself. How it came about, where it came from, and how did it reach their hands are all stories customers want to hear.

A transparent supply chain with Authentic8, where ownership is taken during different stages, helps in nurturing an environment of rich customer engagement that empowers them with a higher, more authentic ownership of their purchase, boosts loyalty and creates authentic customer-brand experiences.

Create Unique Content Experiences for Your CPG Customers

Consumers today demand more from the products they purchase and just having a product that does a job isn't nearly enough. Brands need to enable engaging content for their customers, and traditional social media is simply not going to cut it.

With Authentic8's physically verifiable and digitally secure solution, your brand now has a unique touchpoint with your customers that enriches their content creation experience at an individual level, increasing their brand loyalty and making them your advocates.

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