Quality Assurance and Transparency in the Equipment & Hardware Supply Chain

Authenticity & Verification Solutions for Equipment & Hardware Traceability

Pioneers spend millions in R&D and marketing to build their brand. Unfortunately, sometimes for it to be faulty and other times, their specs be copied by rivals or counterfeiters for cheap replicas. With no transparency in the supply chain, especially in R&D-heavy sectors like healthcare and automobiles, counterfeit trade is now more than an annual five billion dollars.

Authentic8 resolves this for brands by providing a digitally secure solution that is physically verifiable across the supply chain. Our Solution shows provenance history, certificates, and other details that brands wish to share with their customers.

Why Pay the Price for Anything Less than Authentic?

Authentic and Genuine products are extremely important to customers when making a purchase. A certificate of authenticity isn't foolproof as it is rather easy to fake. Brands ushering toward the new era of authenticity will not only bolster customer confidence and trust but also create a measurable impact against counterfeiting.

Standing out and differentiating against fake, dishonest products with customer-centric and producer-centric solutions from Authentic8, will be the vehicles driving brands into the future. Brands providing transparency into their authenticity and provenance history will be the ones to brave the storm of victimization

Track Your Equipment Globally with Unhackable Supply Chain Solutions

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