Supply Chain Traceability with Easy Verification

How Supply Chain Traceability and Verification with Authentic8

The importance of trustworthy and easily manageable processes in supply chain management is highly underrated. With the rampant increase in counterfeit trade, a transparent supply chain is indispensable to brands that are sheer advocates of fair trade, eco-consumerism, and eco-production. 

Authentic8 provides transparency and traceability in a supply chain with three simple steps:

Physical Tags on the Product

Each product is tagged with a unique, irreplaceable NFC chip and/or QR code, encrypted on the blockchain, impossible to manipulate.

Easy Ownership Transfer

The unique product ID is used as a proxy for ownership. Each transaction, when made, is recorded on the blockchain and reflected at each node of the distributed ledger.

Scan and Verify

A custom branded application can read the chip or a phone camera can scan a code, act as the vehicle for decrypting and display the complete supply chain and provenance history of your brand

Why the need for  Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Traceability?

Traceability is critical for multi-tiered and geographically widespread manufacturing operations to provide visibility and meet the needs of consumers by helping them make informed, ethical decisions about their purchases.

Authentic8 uses Blockchain Technology to generate trust among supply chain participants with a distributed ledger to record and validate transactions. Traceability via Blockchain  also gives all the participants the unprecedented power and  flexibility to trace back their network, 

Tracing also empowers the participants to find gaps instantly before a crisis hits and make improvements, facilitating a sustainable supply chain.

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