Counterfeits causing trouble? Authentic8 your way out

Upholding your Brand's Integrity

Copyright and trademark would make a difference if criminals could be bothered with the law. Organized counterfeit trade has maintained a steady growth and is now responsible for about 5% of the global trade.

Brands have historically invested billions to protect their IP, trademark, and copyright, mostly in vain. The supply chains today are international and complex, and ways to verify the authenticity of the purchase, be it raw materials or finished goods, are limited.

As more and more consumers and purchasers become conscious, taking a step towards authenticating your effort will be what makes your brand future-proof.

Authentic8 keeps your Brand Bona Fide

Authentic8 uses NFC chips and QR codes to create a real-world link to product supply chains, enabling a system that provides information on ownership and provenance history while also making ownership transfers and third-party authentication easy.

Authentic8 brings enormous transparency and traceability across your supply chain, providing you with the ability to supply authentic products to your consumers that can be traced back to you alone. 

Verification: Traditional Method v/s Blockchain 

The current verification system comprises e-certificates, PDFs, photos, and stamps which are extremely easy to duplicate, leaving room for manipulation as they rely on a single ledger for accountability. This exposes the system to hackers/counterfeiters that can cause chaos.

On the other hand, Blockchain employs two of its core features - unhackable and distributed ledger technology to create a shared and synchronized database, immune to alteration; blockchain encryption is guaranteed to be authentic.

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