Authenticity made Digitally Secure and Physically Verifiable.

Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology, being safe, non-editable, and easy to use, is transforming corporate processes across several sectors. Products now have their own identity in the form of NFCs and QR codes that are very difficult to duplicate.

Authentic8 uses blockchain to prevent data duplication or tampering by using a process of encryption and information storage. Through this, we can demonstrate complete provenance and supply chain ownership without divulging confidential information.

Turn-Key Authenticity Verification Solution with Blockchain

Blockchain technology is by far the best solution to protect the integrity and reputation of your brand. Integration of technology & product establishes a trusting ecosystem for your customers through the verification feature, empowering them with higher brand ownership.

Cost, credibility, and credence may worry you, rest assured, Authentic8 gives you a complete turn-key solution, all while ensuring zero to minimal disruption of the existing supply chain.

Blockchain Encryption and Verification

Blockchain technology is designed to be unhackable and non-re-programmable. Data once encrypted and stored on the blockchain, cannot be altered or augmented, creating an opportunity for brands to authenticate their products before they advance in the supply chain.

QR codes and/or NFC chips are used for authenticity which can be physically verified using any camera app or a custom-designed app, depending on your brand's preference.

Easy to Verify Ownership History

There is no dearth of limited edition knockoffs. Special editions usually are priced higher than standard collections and their uniqueness also makes it difficult to verify authenticity, especially in resales or auctions.

Authentic8 can show the ownership transfer information bound to the chip / QR code using Blockchain Technology which by its immutable nature, makes establishing provenance effortless.

Save your brand from being victimized by Counterfeiting

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