Protect Your Brand & Consumers in the Fashion Ecosystem

Launch Limited Edition Fashion Products

Fashion is all about the pride of ownership and the joy of exclusivity. Fashion brands take pride in their community, where loyalists and collectors want something just for themselves. This is where launching a fashion line with Authentic8 comes in.

With Authentic8, you can tag each of your products with their unique identity on the blockchain, enabling the customers with an opportunity to trace the history of the product and organically generate unique content for your brand as a pleasant by-product to the primary motive of eliminating knock-offs and counterfeit products.

Emerge Victorious against Fashion Counterfeiting with Authentic8 

Counterfeits have been a part of global trade since its inception Be it pirated video games and movies, or product manipulation and limited edition replication, authenticity has been questionable. 

The fashion industry loses billions to the global counterfeit trade on the streets of LA, Vancouver, Singapore and Hong Kong every year. Shutting these businesses down is next to impossible. But, it is possible to protect your brand from being preyed on.

Each tamper-proof and uneditable NFC chip / QR code have a unique ID on the Blockchain that can be traced back to its authenticity. These are embedded into the product line, which can be verified by customers, allowing customers to buy without hesitation and empowering them against counterfeits

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