Limited editions mean Exclusive ownerships

Exclusivity Certified - The Future of Product Ownership

There is no greater appeal than owning a limited edition product from your favourite brand and no greater disappointment than learning your prized possession is fake.

With Authentic8, your brand has the power to change this and make your customers feel secure about their purchase.

How does Certified Exclusivity Work?

Blockchain - the immutable, uneditable public ledger. The concept of certified exclusivity relies on the ledger system that is made better and more secure with blockchain as it decentralizes the record book while itself being immutable. Tech-savvy or not, Everyone can use Blockchain. 

Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT is at the backbone of how certified exclusivity works. DLT is a shared and synchronized database, bringing transparency into ownership and provenance. All transactions against the product ID are reflected on the blockchain, making it an ownership proxy to ensure authenticity. These transactions have public `witnesses', meaning, that whenever a change or transaction is carried out, it is immediately reflected to all blockchain participants.

In terms of the physical world, the only addition to your product is a QR code or/and an NFC chip and for digital verification, an application does the job.

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