Authentic stories create sterling customer experiences

Storytelling Beyond Social Media

Social media was the most powerful tool brands could employ for storytelling. Authentic8 has revolutionized storytelling by bringing it to your customers and not followers. Followers may or may not be your actual buyers. Authentic8 is known to encourage customer retention and spokespersonship by bringing your narrative to your customers where it can truly shine and matter.

Real World Experience in the Age of Digitization 

Real-world brands find competing in digital storytelling to be difficult. In the real-world customization is complicated, personalization is intrusive, and the potential to create spokespersons from customers is limited.

Authentic8 makes these problems a thing of the past with the blockchain-as-a-service solution that exists at the confluence of the digital and real world, allowing transparency across the supply chain and empowering brands to create personalized storytelling experiences via the integration of NFC chips and/or a QR code with your product.

Build a Brand around Authenticity - Employ Blockchain. Personalize Storytelling.

Be it limited edition collections or exclusive ingredients, the origin and evolution of a brand play a powerful part in its story. Techniques like printing can be employed as part of your packaging, which may not even be worth a try due to customisation constraints. 

Unlike printing, NFC chips or QR Codes can entice customers with personalized experiences and rich content. This acts as a feel-good for the customers and potentially increases word-of-mouth for your brand due to a unique experience that was created.

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