Gemstone and Jewel Verification & Authentication Made Easier

Trace the Provenance & Authenticity of Valuable Gemstones

Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires have been precious objects of desire to human societies, the value and demand for which is ever rising. When owned and adored, the pride felt is unmatched. 

Authentic8 helps you trace the origin of valuable gemstones, all while ensuring authentic purchases in the gemstone industry, where authenticity certificates, despite being vital, are easy to replicate or morph and even a single case of duplication could cost both the seller and customer millions. 

Gemstone and Jewelry Safety, Traceability, and Certification

Supply chain management, Quality Testing and human resources have become an expensive affair with growing safety concerns that require specialists and verification processes, especially in a world where morphing records takes minutes.

Authentic8 enables seamless coordination throughout the supply chain with our blockchain-as-a-service solution. Whether the gemstone needs to be verified by a third party or bought by the customer, the NFC and QR code embedded authenticity system ensures all trade happens on verified gemstones only along with information on provenance and ownership history. 

Introduce Your Gemstone Supply Chain to Transparency & Traceability

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