Authenticity and Verification Solutions for Coffee, Tea, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Supply Chain Traceability for Brands' Quality of Ingredients

Nothing beats the experience of having your first cup of tea or coffee to start your day. No matter the drink, everyone wants top-notch quality. Manufacturers pride themselves on using quality ingredients and price the beverages based on that. For customers, however, taking what's being told at face value is the only source of authenticity.

Authetic8 is changing this with traceability across the entire production, distribution, and consumption in the supply chain. 

Be it a Chinese tea terrace or a Brazilian coffee plantation, our traceability solution equips producers and consumers with the source of the ingredients, increasing storytelling opportunities and providing the customers with a real-world connection with the product.

Create Indulgent Experiences for your Customers

Whatever your morning pick-me-up is, there's something about receiving a quality experience with your product. One that can convert your loyal customers into advocates for your brand. Authentic8 can help you create such digital experiences for your customers. 

Customers love talking about brands and the causes they represent. Through supply chain transparency and traceability, customers will be able to enjoy an experience that will make them loyalists and also your genuine proponents.

Bring an Authentic Experience to your Beverage Brand 

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