Ensure Quality and Transparency Across the Food & Ingredient Supply Chain

Authenticity & Verification Solutions for Food Traceability

Food is an integral part of our lives. Conscious consumerism has brought about advanced horticulture, pisciculture, and animal husbandry techniques, which may be expensive as compared to setting up animal and fruit farms. Customers however are happy to pay the premium knowing they buy from socially conscious, eco-friendly brands.

Authentic8 makes it possible for brands employing eco-friendly techniques to authenticate their supply, giving them an edge over the market and enabling customer engagement like never before. Besides eliminating fake, cheap substitutes from kitchens, supply chain transparency is also crucial if your finished food item requires raw materials and ingredients to be outsourced from other vendors.

Tate the Authenticity of your Food

Geographical indicators in food have existed for a long time- Is the salmon from the Pacific or Atlantic? From where are these nuts sustainably sourced? The questions around ingredients are endless, and customers often have no way to verify that their 5$ tuna is different from their 50$ tuna. 

With authenticity and traceability empowering customers, not only can customers experience authentic flavours, but they can also differentiate ethical brands from dishonest ones. As conscious consumerism increases, this will be what will make companies of the future.

Want Food Transparency in the world of Conscious Consumerism?

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